Doreen Virtue Net Worth and Biography

Doreen Virtue is an American Self-Help Author and spiritual psychologist with a net worth of $116 million dollars. She works with angels in her books and her workshops. She has studied psychology and has established several psychological clinics that specialize in women’s issues.

Net Worth: $116 million
Birth Date:
April 29, 1958
Burbank, California
Self-Help Author
Last Updated:
January 2020
Doreen Virtue Net Worth

Doreen Virtue has an estimated net worth of $116 million. Most of her net wealth comes from being a successful author and therapist. She uses spiritual healing as a self-help tool and her programs are very popular.

Doreen’s practice has evolved into self-help books and a regular radio show on Hay House Radio. Right now, she even has her own YouTube channel, which has over 1.9 million views. She also appeared on numerous shows and networks from Oprah to CNN. It’s very likely that she receives a good salary from appearing on these television shows as well. 

Doreen Virtue Biography

Doreen Virtue was born in Burbank, California on April 29, 1958. She’s a New Age author and therapist. Doreen is known for her spiritual healing through her program Angel Therapy. She preaches with the use of guardian angels as a process in spiritual healing.

During her childhood, she grew up reporting that she had clairvoyant abilities. Even as a child, she was already conversing with spirits. When she became an adult, she was working as a psychotherapist with specialization in eating disorders. After she was saved from an armed carjacking, she turned to researching and teaching about divine intervention.

Family and Personal Life

Doreen’s mother was a Christian spiritual healer and her father was a self-employed writer. She married Larry Schenk and the pair had two sons named Charles and Grant. However, she and Schenk later divorced. She has since married and divorced three times to three separate other men. 

Conclusion About Her Net Worth

Working as a self-help author in the spiritual healing industry has done wonders for her net worth. As mentioned above, she has a net worth of 116 million dollars at an age of 61 years old. She has a big following so her net worth might increase from her book sales many years to come.