Soberlink Review: What We Think About This Alcohol Monitoring System

In this guide, I’ll review everything that you need to know about Soberlink. We won’t hold anything back. Both the advantages as the disadvantages will be discussed.

In fact, a long time ago, when I was still partying and drinking lots of alcohol, I came in touch with Soberlink myself (a bit further in this article I will explain more). So, I know the product is very decent.

With that said, let’s dive in right away.

What exactly is Soberlink?

Soberlink is a tech company that is based in Huntington Beach, California. They are a company that develops alcohol monitoring devices. It’s a professional-grade breathalyzer system with facial recognition that automatically sends results in real-time to designated individuals.

Soberlink thought accountability was important to recover from alcholism, so they developed a device around it. Their goal is to support accountability through a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system.

Watch the below YouTube Video to learn more about it.


More Info About the Soberlink Device (in Detail)

Soberlink Logo

Soberlink devices use next-level technology to help you with your alcohol recovery. They do that through a comprehensive monitoring system that works with accountability.

The device has many interesting features such us:

  • Build-in safeguards including facial recognition software
  • Other tamer-proof features to ensure reliable and accurate process
  • Realtiem reporting (for the monitoring parties – such as family/friends, or law enforcement)
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Portable Design

There’s more. Ssoberlink also has a FDA 510(k) medical clearance. The device is often used in addiction recovery, family law and workplacce compliance.

How does Soberlink work?

The devices of Soberlink have an electrochemical fuel-cell sensor. This sensor gives a response that you can compare with the BAC when a person gives a breath sample. It detects alcohol, and does not work with other substances that the person might have taken.

But isn’t it possible to manipulate the device? Luckily, no. Soberlink has several proprietary technologies that can tell if the sample comes from human breath or not. If a person want to fake their test, and alert will be sent to specified contacts. That same technology also make sure the right person uses the device. That’s because the device uses facial recognition technology to confirm a user’s idendity for each test. Letting your sober friend do the test isn’t an option either. Soberlink has worked very hard to get rid of every workaround.

After you did the test, your friends/family can see the results thanks to the real-time reporting that’s available. This will give you more accountability to stay on the right path, and your friends and family will trust you more as well. It really is a device that has your best interests in mind.

The tests are also automatically uploaded to a Soberlink web portal. Participants can also take Soberlink several times a day. Each test takes less than a minute, and using the device is very easy. They made it that way.

Below you can find the image how this device works (click on it to see it bigger).

Soberlink How It Works

The Cost of The Devices

The cost for the Soberlink devices depends on what device you choose. Below you’ll find the difference options.

  • Soberlink Connect (120-day commitment): $299.00
  • Soberlink Cellular (120-day commitment): $399.00
  • Soberlink Connect: $499.00
  • Soberlink Cellular: $599.00

The last options are obviously more expensive because there is no minimum monitoring contract.

Soberlink Reviews

Soberlink Reviews

There are a lot of great reviews that can be found online. Most people are very pleasantly surprised about this product. Usually they are very skeptic when they first need to try the product, but after they see all the benefits, they have very positive words for Soberlink.

Below are some of the testimonials that we have reviewed.

“At first, I didn’t like to use the device at all, I thought it was limiting me, and it made me very angry. But actually it really has helped me to quit drinking. I can honestly say that it’s because of this device.” – Review by Mary T.

“I have been to intensive outpatient programs as well, but it didn’t help me either. I was still drinking. The only thing that really helped me was Soberlink. I can’t believe how well these little alcohol monitor devices work.” – Review by Thomas E.

“During my first year of recovery, Soberlink was the perfect addition for me. I used it the first week after rehabiliation. When I started to use Soberlink, I already had a strong sober network, but this helped me even more.” – Robert C.

“I was skeptical at first, but now I see the benefits now. The Soberlink devices have helped me to keep  myself accountable. My family trusts me again, and for that I feel very grateful.” – Erik S.

Working at Soberlink

According to, Soberlink is one of the best technology companies to work at in the California area. Theres’s many reviews of employees that are very positive about this business.

The main reason why people are so happy about this company is because they pay great salaries and they also have a good work-life balance. Something that is very important for many employees. We can conclude that Soberlink isn’t only the best alcohol monitoring device company, but also a great company that has has a people-first culture.


According to these Soberlink reviews, this company has helped many people and we’re sure it can help  you as well. Of course, it’s also important that you have the motivation and discipline to get rid of your alcohol addiction. Soberlink is just a tool that will help you get to your goal faster. It’s a company that puts the customer first.

Have you used Soberlink before? Let us know in the comments.

Extra Resources

There’s plenty of other information available online. Just Google ”Soberlink reviews” and you will find hundreds of positive replies about this company.