Logan Paul Net Worth: The Rise of a YouTube Star

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Logan Paul is a successful vlogger, YouTube superstar, actor, producer, musician, and entrepreneur.  He became famous through the vine media platform and moved from there to become a YouTube and Facebook personality after Vine shut down.

Net Worth: $19 Million
Birth Date:
April 1, 1995
Westlake, Ohio
Youtube, Social Media
Last Updated:
August 2019
Logan Paul Net Worth

Credits to Business Insider

Net Worth of Logan Paul: Explained in Detail

At the young age of 10 years, Logan Paul has started creating videos and being active on social media. In 2019, it’s estimated that Logan Paul is worth about $19,000,000 US dollars.

His YouTube channel currently has close to 20 million subscribers, which is a lot. With this many followers he gets paid daily more than $30,000 US dollars. According to Forbes, he was the tenth highest paid YouTube star in the world in 2018. His net worth only kept on growing in 2019. Logan Paul’s current net worth comes from YouTube ads, and being a famous social media figure. He also launched a fashion line called ”Maverick by Logan Paul”.

Early Life of Logan Paul

Logan Alexandra Paul was born on April 1st, 1995, and he is currently 24 years old. Logan Paul is said to possess German and Scottish ancestry. He attended West Lake high school, and began creating Internet videos for his YouTube channel called ”Zoosh” when he was 10 years old. After joining the football team in 2012 he qualified for the Ohio high school Athletics Association (OHSAA) in 2013. When he started attending college, his YouTube channel had already gotten to a modest amount of followers through Vine. In 2014 he was studying industrial engineering but later dropped out to pursue his social media career. Logan Paul moved to Los Angeles and started living in an apartment complex with some other vine stars. By 2014, Logan Paul had already a lot of followers on his YouTube channel.

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