Satoshi Tajiri Net Worth and Biography

Satoshi Tajiri has a net worth of $10 million. He’s the man that gave the world the extremely popular game, Pokémon. He repeatedly stated that due to his autism, he strived to offer to other kids a gift to suit their particularities: something to collect. It is a fact that those who suffer from autism tend to gather items as a hobby. So, Tajiri desired to inspire everyone to collect to keep their mind calm. Mainly, the Pokémon franchise redefined an entire generation and helped a lot of children in gaining new cognitive skills.

Net Worth: $10 million
Birth Date:
August 28, 1965
Creator of Pokemon
Last Updated:
September 2019
Satoshi Tajiri net worth

What is Satoshi Tajiri’s net worth?

Satoshi Tajiri’s net worth estimates can vary, as it is quite difficult to depict how much money he has spent over the years. Also, his real estate properties or other goods are not available for the public, making it even harder to estimate his overall fortune.

Anyhow, Tajiri’s net worth was estimated in 2019 to be around 10 million dollars. His revenue and fortune were mostly achieved through the creation of Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise and the creation of the video game developer Game Freak Inc. Tajiri created and edited the video content in collaboration with Ken Sugimori.
Even though Tajiri’s game Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue required an astonishing 6 years to finish, he experienced a lot of fame after the design was completed. Hence, he became one of the main producers and responsible for the design of the following Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.

His net worth was completed by several other income sources, as he worked on projects like the Legend of Zelda and a couple of Mario try-outs. Furthermore, Tajiri’s skills can be seen on several video games, including Mendel Palace, Smart Ball, Yoshi, Drill Dozer, Harmo Knight and, of course, all the Pokémon variations and updates that appeared after the initial release.

Added in a top of the richest people of our times, Satoshi Tajiri might be quite rich. As a skilled game designer, it is believed he was courted by several gaming companies. There are no vehicles, real estate or any other properties disclosed to the public. Which is why, we can only talk about his revenues from game designs, video game development, scriptwriting and his important part in the franchise Pokémon.

Satoshi Tajiri Biography

Satoshi Tajiri was born in 1965 in Setagaya, Tokyo in Japan. With more than 30 years’ experience as a video game designer, he is for sure one interesting person to be around.

As a child, Tajiri used to collect bugs as a hobby. Many years later, this eventually turned to be his main inspiration source for his work. During his teenage years, his attention was caught by arcade games and he especially enjoyed the Taito’s Space Invaders. This initial interest grew and led to a plan to create his own game.

At a young age Tajiri started deconstructing his Famicon to learn how it functions. Later he won the first prize by Sega for his video game idea. Even though he quit school and only did two years at the Tokyo National College of Technology, he gained a degree in computer science.

Tajiri started his career in 1982, when he decided to start an own magazine called Game Freak. This magazine was solely focused on video games and comic books.

Later, the idea of Pokémon appeared and they started to create the first 151 Pokémon. Pokémon is a media franchise, owned by The Pokémon Company, founded around 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri.

To better his technique, he enrolled in a specialized study of game programming called Family BASIC. This allowed both Tajiri and Sugimori to understand how different video game hardware functions. Thus, they transformed the magazine into a company with the same name, Game Freak.

Tajiri was one of the pioneers of the concept of connectivity between handheld game consoles. He used a Game Boy to prove his point . Soon a couple of connective cables would allow friends to play against each other. This was the core concept of Pokémon – two players that could trade Pokémon with one another. Some Pokemon could also only evolve when traded.

But even though later on the idea got a lot of attention and appreciation, when Tajiri presented his project at Nintendo, no one could understand why he was so proud of this particular game design. They didn’t reject his work, but instead, Shigeru Miyamoto began to mentor him and he offered Tajiri support during the creative process. At the same time, he worked on the Game Boy Project and he took part in other Nintendo game designs (the most notable being Yoshi and Mario & Wario).

At first, soon after the console and the game reached the public, marketing specialists at Nintendo truly believed this wouldn’t pay out all the company’s efforts. Instead, the Pokémon games constantly increased in sale up until they were in the top franchises supported by Nintendo.

Nowadays, Satoshi Tajiri is still an important part of the team, despite his autism. He supervised the entire process of the latest Pokémon releases, yet it was documented that he has quite a challenging working program. Due to his autism, he prefers working as much as possible in one session and allow his body to rest for 12 hours. His innovative techniques and willingness to challenge the dullness of previous game designs is what brought Satoshi Tajiri the impressive net worth of $10 million.