Luis Suarez Net Worth 2020 and Biography

Luis Suarez is a top-rated soccer player from Uruguay. He’s considered one of the highest-paying athletes in the world. He won various kinds of awards due to his amazing skills and talents as a soccer player.

Luis is also known due to his aggressiveness when playing. Right now, he is playing for FC Barcelona and the Uruguay National team. His expected net worth is known to be around 70 million dollars.

Net Worth: $70 million
Birth Date:
January 24, 1987
Salto, Uruguay
Current Team:
FC Barcelona
Last Updated:
September 2019
Luis Suarez

A report published by Forbes shows that Suarez raked in seven million from product endorsement in 2018. Aside from that, he receives a weekly salary of £290,000. At present, he was paid a total of USD20 million yearly by FC Barcelona.  In 2018, World’s Highest-Paid Athletes by Forbes, Suarez ranked sixtieth.

Suarez has an estimated net worth of USD70 million as of 2019. There is a 33 percent increase in his salary over the past couple of years. He has also properties in Montevideo (the capital of Uruguay) with a value of $3.2 million.

Early Life

With a real name of Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz, he was raised and born in Salto on the 24th of January year 1987. He has seven siblings, and his oldest brother is also a successful player who played for Guatemala’s NFL.

His family transferred to Montevideo when he was young and experienced scarcity.  At a very young age, Suarez was introduced to a soccer club called Urreta in Montevideo. When he was nine years old, Suarez was discovered while playing for a soccer club by Wilson Perez, who was looking for players for the National Youth Team. Wilson was amazed by his skills and talents in playing soccer.

When he was 12, he experienced hardships and difficulties in advancing academically because his father abandons them. In spite of this, Suarez doesn’t lose hope. He grabs the opportunity of becoming a member of the National Youth Team in exchange for his scholarship.

As a teenager, Luis started to fall into the wrong buddy and began drinking at fifteen years old. However, everything changed when he meets Sofia Balbi, who is his partner in life at this moment.


The 2007 U-20 World Cup was his first international debut. Then, later on, he gained credit and gratitude from the teams such as Ajax and Groningen. Luis decided to join Groningen a short time, but after a while, he decided to transfer to Ajax, wherein he signed a 5-year contract with a salary of 7.5m Euro. Dutch Football of the Year was given to him during the first season of the league.

Before long, Luis was chosen by Liverpool FC for € 22.8m. Then he went on to grab the prestigious Golden Boot award. Luis helped his team to reach a success in the CL or Champions League. In the same year, he was named FWA Footballer of the Year, Player of the Year and PFA Players.

After a year, he decided to leave Liverpool FC and choose to join Barcelona FC with two famous strikers Neymar (currently playing in PSG) and Lionel Messi. In 2011, the team won the 15th Copa Americana league wherein the Player of the Tournament was given to him. 

Wife of Luis Suarez

The wife of Luis Suarez is Sofia Balbi. Sofia was a big motivation for Suarez and a major reason why he eventually became a successful player.

Sofia, his childhood love, moved to Barcelona in 2003. Luis had to stay behind, but he was persistent to get into the spotlight at a European club so he could be close with his love. It was FC Groningen that brought Suarez to the Netherlands in 2006. Suarez flew to Barcelona during his days off to see his girlfriend. FC Barcelona is still the favorite club of Suarez. In 2009, Luis and Sofia got married. They now have two children: Delfina and Benjamin.

Favorite Quotes of Luis Suarez

‘’When I say, ‘I’m sorry,’ it’s because I regret something.’’

‘’Every forward is selfish, and any forward who tells you he is not selfish is a liar.’’

‘’Barcelona are always a candidate to win the Champions League.’’