Ken Hakuta Net Worth and Biography

Ken Hakuta, since 1983 better known as Dr. Fad, is a Japanese-American inventor and television personality. Hakuta was the host of the popular kids’ invention TV show The Dr. Fad Show, which ran from 1988 to 1994. His net worth is close to $1 million.

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Net Worth: $1 million
Birth Date: 1951
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Profession: Inventor, TV personality
Last Updated: May 2020
Ken Hakuta Net Worth

Ken Hakuta Net Worth

Ken Hakuta has a net worth of $1 million dollars. His wealth has increased fast thanks to his popular children show ”The Dr. Fad Show”.


Ken Hakuta was born in 1951 in Seoul, South Korea. His Korean name is Paik Kun (백건). He was born as the first child of Paik Nam-il, who was the CEO of a textile company. The textile company was owned by his father Paik Nag-seung, but he was accused in 2002 of having been a Chinilpa (traitor/collaborator) with the Japanese during their occupation of Korea. That textile company also was the biggest of its kind during the Japanese colonial era in Korea.

In 1951, also the year when he was born, the family relocated to Japan. Ken Hakuta grew up in Japan. In 1977, Ken Hakuta married Marilou Cantiller, a Filipina he met while the pair worked at the World Bank. The pair have three children together: Justin, Kenzo, and Aki.

Justin Hakuta is also the husband of comedian Ali Wong. Ken Hakuta is the nephew of the video artist Nam June Paik and was the manager of Paik’s New York City studio at the time of his death. He is the executor of his uncle’s estate.


Ken Hakuta’s career was hosting the TV show ”The Dr. Fad Show” when he was younger.

Conclusion on Ken Hakuta Net Worth

Ken Hakuta’s net worth is currently around $1 million. His net worth will probably not increase as much anymore. His success came from The Dr. Fad Show, which ended in 1994.  A million-dollar net worth is still very impressive.

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