Ali Wong Net Worth and Biography

Learn everything about Ali Wong’s Net Worth and lifestyle here! Ali Wong is an American born actress, writer and stand-up comedian. Netflix has helped with her success. She’s famous for her Netflix stand-up specials Hard Knock and Baby Cobra. She has also been in a lot of movies. That brings Ali Wong’s net worth at about $3 million.

Net Worth: $3 million
Birth Date: April 19, 1982
Birthplace: San Francisco, California
Profession: Comedian / Actress
Last Updated: May 2020
Ali Wong Net Worth

Ali Wong Net Worth

Ali Wong has a net worth of $3 million dollars. Most of her money comes from a very successful career in acting. But how much does Ali Wong make a year?

When she decided to move to New York to pursue a life as a comedian, she was a bit struggling. She would perform up to 9 times a night so people would recognize her. In the end, it all paid off. Wong is now a successful female comedian in the U.S. These days, she is earning good money through her tours and shows!

The comedian has not been very active on social media. She has also stuck to the old way of performing live in theaters, compared to the Internet-based way of performing. Most of her net worth she accumulated by being a stand-up comedian. This is why we believe her current net worth is about $3 million dollars.

For a person that comes from a poor background, Ali Wong has done extremely well for herself. Besides being an actress, she also does standup comedy and occasional writing. She also did some other smart investments to increase her net worth.

Investing in a Merch Shop

Wong also increased her net worth through very smart investments. She has her very own brand with an online shop. At this online shop, you can find very cool products. She sells awesome products for pregnant moms, babies, men, and also for your home.

Funny baby onesies, mugs illustrated with Ali Wong and ”Jungle Asian” products all sell very well. We can conclude she is making a lot of money, since these products sell from $30 up until $80. You can also find theme-wise products inspired by all her shows, like Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife.

She’s very busy all the time. She spends her time moving around between New York and Los Angeles. And let’s not forget she’s also busy raising two kids with her husband, Justin Hakuta, who is a vice president of a tech company.

Biography of Ali Wong

Alendra Wong, better known as Ali, was born in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, California on the 19th of April 1982. She is the youngest of four children. Her father, Adolphus Wong, was an American-born citizen and physician. He has worked for who worked for Kaiser Permanente, a ngo in healthcare, for 30 years. His ancestors were from China. Her mother, Tam “Tammy” Wong, emigrated in 1960 to the United States from Central Vietnam. Her father-in-law is Ken Hakuta.

Wong graduated from San Francisco University High School in 2000. After that, she enrolled at UCLA, where she would major in Asian American Studies. It was here where she discovered her love of performing as a member of the university’s LCC Theather Company (the largest and oldest Asian-American theater company in the USA). In 2004, she graduated with a B.A. In her junior year, she would spent time in Hanoi, Vietnam, the country where her roots are.


Her career started in stand-up comedy. After graduating at 23-year old, Ali took her shot at Brainwash Cafe. She quickly took it seriously and she soon moved to New York to pursue comedy as her career. She began to perform up to nine times a night.

In 2012, she starred as Olivia in the television series ”Are You There, Chelsea?” Later, she starred as Dr. Lina Lark on the TV series Black box in 2014 (opposite Kelly Reilly and Vanessa Redgrave). From 2016 to 2020 she starred as Doris on the series American Housewife.

On Mother’s Day 2016, Netflix released a stand-up special called Baby Cobra which was filmed in September 2015. At that time Wong was 7 months pregnant with her first child at the Neptune Theater in Seattle.

Ali Wong has also appeared in movies. Some of the movies she performed in are Savages, Fresh Off the Boat, Father Figures and Always Be My Maybe. The Netflix film Always Be My Maybe (2019) was a film directed by Nahnatchka Khan, and written by Wong, Park, and Michael Golamco. She was a lead actress in the film Always Be My Maybe. Ali Wong was also credited as the co-writer and producer of that movie.

Additionally, she starred in Oliver Stone’s Savages, opposite Benicio Del Toro and Salma Hayek, and as Kate in the film Dealin’ with Idiots.

She also did some voiceover acting. She did the voiceover for the songbird and baker character Roberta “Bertie” Songthrush in the animated series Tuca & Bertie (2019) and also as “Ali” on the series Big Mouth.  In 2020, she played together with Margot Robbie in the movie Birds of Prey, where she played the role of Ellen Yee.

Who is Ali Wong currently dating?

Ali Wong married her husband Justin Hakuta on the 27th of November 2014. Justin is the son of Ken Hakuta, a Japanese-American inventor.

Ali Wong has had no other relationships that we know of. She has been in three on-screen matchups. In the movie Always Be My Maybe (2019) she was paired with Daniel Dae Kim, Randall Park, and Keanu Reeves.

Quotes of Ali Wong

”Comedy has so much to do with honesty, and women can be more open about their emotions.” – Ali Wong, about her love for comedy.

”The more socially conscious you are, the better the work you make.” – Ali Wong, about being socially conscious.

”I think feminism is the worst thing that ever happened to women. Our job used to be no job. We had it so good!” – Ali Wong, about feminism.

And of course, we wouldn’t be Wolf of Wealth, if we wouldn’t leave a quote concerning her views about wealth:

Conclusion on Ali Wong’s Net Worth

Ali Wong’s net worth is currently around $3 million. After her role in the 2020 movie Birds of Prey, she will definitely have some new big roles in the future. We are very excited to see what is coming next.