Jeff Kaplan: Net Worth and Biography

Learn everything about Jeff Kaplan Net Worth and his lifestyle here! Jeff Kaplan is a video game designer, game director, and Blizzard Entertainment Vice President. He was the lead designer of the trending game Overwatch. The immense success of that game made Jeff Kaplan also more popular. He was also significant in making the components and facets of the WoW or World of Warcraft.
Net Worth: $100 million
Birth Date:
November 4, 1972
New Jersey, United States
Vice President Blizzard Entertainment
Last Updated:
July 2019
Jeff Kaplan

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As of 2019, Jeff has estimated earnings of $100 million. A large part of profits come from his work at Blizzard Entertainment as a video director (on an online game Overwatch that gained much reputation from all parts of the globe).

Biography of Jeff Kaplan

Jeff was born in New Jersey on November 4, 1972. However, he grew up in La Canada Flintridge in the state of California. During his younger days, he loved playing different kind of video games. He loved to play the adventure games of Infocom.

For a long time, he didn’t consider a career in the gaming industry since the lack of programming skills. He studied something completely different (movie making), and afterwards, he decided to pursue a creative writing course at the University of Southern California and also in New York University. Eventually, he dropped his career in creative writing and delve in playing video games.


Kaplan applied for a job as an WoW quest designer at Blizzard Entertainment. Kaplan realized that the job description was tailor-made for his background, and that his previous visit to Blizzard had been an informal job interview. On May 2002, Kaplan was officially hired at Blizzard.

He has been working on titles like Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos , the World of Warcraft Franchise and Titan (which got cancelled). In 2009, he announced that he was leaving his position as WoW game director and chose to work on Overwatch.

Jeff gained lots of praises and rewards from being the Overwatch game director. Overwatch became extremely successful. Within its first year, it had already earned more than $1 billion in revenue. Over 35 million players worldwide have been playing Overwatch ever since.



Jeff managed to overcome his hardships and challenges that he encounters during his younger days. He is now considered one of the wealthiest game directors in the world. Even though he doesn’t have any programming skills. Thanks to his dedication, perseverance, and hard work, he is where he is today.

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