Evander Holyfield Net Worth and Biography

Evander Holyfield is an American former professional boxer with a career between 1984 and 2011. As for today, Holyfield’s net worth is estimated at around $500 thousand. Holyfield lost over $200 million dollars of his career earnings by making bad financial choices.

Net Worth: $500,000
Birth Date: October 19, 1962
Birthplace: Atmore, Alabama, USA
Profession: Boxer
Last Updated: May 2020

Evander Holyfield Net Worth

Net Worth

Evander Holyfield managed to accumulate around $230 million in fortune during his career. Still, as it is the case with plenty of professional athletes, he managed to lose almost everything due to money problems (mainly because of drugs and alcohol). A company that could’ve helped him is called Soberlink (they sell high-end alcohol monitoring devices to combat alcohol addiction).

He owned a 109 room Atlanta mansion, which was lost to foreclosure. Also, most of Evander Holyfield’s possessions were sold in auctions so that he can pay for debts to the IRS, but not only. These included the Olympic bronze medals, championship rings, 20 pairs of fight gloves, 25 match robes and belts. A fact worth mentioning is that between 2007 and 2008, Evander Holyfield was part of a team of celebrities doing tv advertisement for Zaxby’s.

He has and had several additional revenue sources from promotional advertising campaigns and endorsement deals. Also, his social media account on Instagram represents a notable income source, as each post is believed to earn him up to $350.


Evander Holyfield was born in 1962 in Alabama. He pursued a career as a professional boxer, gaining popularity as a light heavyweight, cruiserweight and heavyweight champions.

And his personal life was as tumultuous as his career and money issues. He was married three times, and he has eleven children with six different women. Only one of his sons followed an athletic career, and he is a college football player at the University of Georgia.
There were some allegations of HGH and steroid use, which got Holyfield in 2007 a serious issue. He denied any connection with such substance abuse. Indeed, there is no public mention of the boxer being part of the lawsuit for Applied Pharmacy services, but some particularities of the case drew a lot of attention.

An interesting fact about Evander Holyfield is that he is a born-again Christian. Because of this, he’s involved in both church and charity work, as it can be easily seen from his recent activities.

Boxing Career

Evander Holyfield’s boxing record reveals that he has 57 fights, 44 wins, 29 wins by KO, and ten losses. He is ranked in the 9th position in the BoxRec classification of all-time best boxers. By the age of 13, Holyfield was qualified to compete in Junior Olympics.

Overall, some of the most notable fights of Holyfield include the ones versus Ibragimov, Valuev, Botha, and Byrd. Still, the battle with Mike Tyson is the one that will always remain in history. The Bite Fight from 1997 was ranked as the strangest fight in history. Tyson bit Holyfield on one of his ears, which led to the disqualification of Tyson. But when Holyfield’s doctor said that he could fight furthermore, Tyson bit again and tore off a small section of the ear. This led to Tyson’s disqualification and a significant boost of popularity for Holyfield.

Besides boxing, Evander Holyfield appeared in several movies, including Arthur, Grudge Match, and Summer of Sam. So, he is the type of personality who can quickly adapt and achieve additional revenue sources.

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