Eric Decker Net Worth and Biography

Eric Decker is an American former NFL player and a major figure for the screen character for Squirt (2002), The $100,000 pyramid (2016) and NFL Thursday Night Football (2006). He played with New York Jets and Denver Broncos, receiving an AFC Player of the week award, along with being deemed the AFC champion. With all these achievements in mind, is no surprise his net worth goes around $10 million, while his salary is $5 million.
Net Worth: $10 million
Birth Date:
March 15, 1987
Cold Spring, Minnesota
Football Player
Last Updated:
September 2019
Eric Decker Net Worth

Eric Decker when he was still playing football.

What is Eric Decker’s Net Worth?

Eric Decker started his professional football career with Denver Broncos after being scouted in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Yet, during his first season, he experienced a foot injury that didn’t allow him to complete his game. He signed a 4-year contract with Denver Broncos, adding significant value to his fortune.

He had impressive results for 2011 season, in which he gained 5 passes for 113 yards and 2 touchdowns, gaining Denver their first victory of the season. Furthermore, in the following season for 2012, Decker improved his game and received the AFC Offensive Player of the Week Award.

Decker went in 2014 to New York Jets for a 5-year contract of $36.25 million. He gave his best as soon as they had a match, the most significant being the one against the Miami Dolphins. Decker had 10 receptions, 221 yards, and one spectacular touchdown. In 2017 he moved again, this time to Tennessee Titans, signing a one-year contract. His entire career earnings from football are estimated at $29.4 million, getting him the 412th place amongst top football players active in the NFL in 2018.

As a professional footballer, Eric Decker receives a vast income solely based on his profession. Nowadays, he gets a $5 million annual salary with a net worth of $10 million. In addition to this income source, Eric Decker is a passionate luxury cars collector, having amongst his assets an Audi Luxury car for $385,000, a Porsche 911 and a Mercedes Benz. Also, earlier this year he and his wife purchased a new family home in Nashville. Amongst their properties, the Denver, Colorado house is estimated at a total value of $ 5 million.

With all these revenues, the income from his acting career and tv shows involvement is a small improvement to his overall lavish lifestyle. Yet Eric Decker announced his retirement from actively playing football in the NFL back in 2018.

Also, another addition for his income might be the revenue from his reality show Eric & Jessie: Game On, in which both he and his wife shared a bit of insight about their lifestyle. It is believed that the show brought the couple a boost in their net worth, especially for Jessie James, who reach a $1,5 million total value.

Eric Decker Biography

Eric Decker was born in 1987 in Cold Spring, Minnesota in the US. He went to Rocori High School in Cold Spring, yet he was soon traumatized by the horrifying event of the mass shooting that took place in 2003. He and his classmates were rescued by officials, two students were killed.

Throughout his high school, he was interested in three distinct sports which he practiced constantly: basketball, baseball, and football. The interesting thing about this is that he was so skilled, that he did his best in all three. In college, he excelled in college football with great results. Decker signed his first official contract with Denver Broncos, a contract followed by a deal with the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots.

As a thank you appraisal, Eric Decker has his Day Celebration. To cherish his outing in the Super Bowl in 2014, his hometown declared February 11 as the ‘Eric Decker Day’. It is celebrated in his honor each year and it was quickly transformed in this town’s tradition.

When it comes to his personal life, he truly cherishes his family. Since 2013, he is marred with country music singer, Jessie James. They have three children, Viviane Rose, Erich Thomas, and Forrest Bradley. Moreover, Jessie James is a dedicated entrepreneur, having her clothing line, named ‘Kittenish Online”. Also, she designed both a perfume and cosmetic range, while her innovative line of sunglasses made her more than successful.

Eric Decker has several other activities aside from his football passion and tv career. He enjoys playing golf as a method of meditation and calming. Also, he is constantly active in promoting the work of the Hope Kids Foundation. Decker was always sympathetic with young people suffering from cancer, which is why he regularly organizes charity golf events to raise funds. All the money donated are redirected towards families that do not have the means necessary to help their kids. Even though many were quite surprised by this, Eric Decker remained dedicated to this quest of aiding those in need.