Will Ferrell Net Worth and Biography

One of the richest American comedians, Will Ferrell has an impressive net worth of $100 million. He gained his popularity with several roles in comedy movies, including Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Talladega Nights, Step Brothers or The Other Guys.
Net Worth: $100 million
Birth Date:
July 16, 1967
Irvine, California, USA
Last Updated:
September 2019
Will Ferrell net worth

What is Will Ferrell Net Worth?

Will Ferrell’s net worth is a combination of income sources that come from his acting career, stand-up comedy, and tv shows. He has been nominated for more than 60 awards for distinct categories, such as Kid’s choice awards, MTV movie awards, People’s choice awards or American comedy awards.

As his career highlights, we have the movie ‘The Other Guys’ (co-starring Mark Wahlberg), which brought him around $140 million. Also, the movie ‘Talladega Nights’ earned him more than $7 million, while the grossed revenue for this particular production was $163 million. Anyhow, to sum up, Ferrell acted in more than 32 movies with an estimated revenue of more than $2 billion.

When it comes to real estate revenues, he owns a house in California with an estimated worth of $3 million. Moreover, he has a Mercedes E320 car worth $50,000 million, while the website he owns has an estimated worth of $100-$300 million.

One of the landmarks of his career that brought him a significant amount of money, was the movie production ‘Old School’. For this, he was nominated for the Best Comedic Performance at MTV movie awards. In 2004 it was believed he earned the sum of $40 million.

Of course, his highest grossed movies are: ‘The Other guys’ with total revenue of $119.22 million, ‘the Elf’ with $173.40 million, ‘the Step Brothers’ with $100 million and ‘the Old School’ with $75.5 million.
Overall, the net worth of Will Ferrell constantly grew after 2013 due to the several investment projects, stand-up shows, moves or other public appearances. It is believed that his net worth will keep growing with up to 29% in the following years.

Will Ferrell Biography

John William Ferrell was born in 1967 in California. From his early days, he showed his talents through funny outbursts that gained him his fame. He studied and obtained a degree in sports journalism, yet soon after he got his first job in the field, he discovered he was somehow unsatisfied by his position.

Ferrell admitted in an interview that he had an epiphany about his talents. He discovered that while he was live on NBC television, his jokes were appraised by grows with many laughs. Thus, he decided to abandon his job and pursue a career in comedy. He took several acting classes and received small parts in a regional theatre.
An interesting fact about Will Ferrell’s life is that he cherishes privacy, but at the same time he makes it known when he uses his comedic skills for a good cause. He even promoted a body lotion range for which all sales were sent to Cancer for College’s Willpowdered Scholarship Fund, a scholarship specially designed for cancer survivors and amputees.

As for his personal life, back in 2000, he married his long-time sweetheart, Viveca Paulin, a Swedish art auctioneer. They have 3 sons, Magnus, Mattias, and Axel, all of which have the middle name of Paulin.