Tobey Maguire Net Worth 2020 and Biography

Tobey Maguire is a producer and a renowned American actor. This handsome guy was become popular due to his role as Spider Man. Most often, Toby plays the character of a superhero which is close to animals. During his free time, he cooks and loves doing yoga. During his younger years, he dreamed of becoming a professional chef, but his mom did not want him to enroll or study culinary arts.

Net Worth: $90 million
Birth Date:
June 27th, 1975
Santa Monica, USA
Spider Man 2
Last Updated:
July 2019
Tobey Maguire as Spiderman

Toby Maguire has an estimated net worth of USD90 million yearly. The big part of his profit came from doing movies even though he also has several product endorsements. Aside from acting, Toby is also into producing, which also adds to his profits. His assets keep on rising as he is still active in producing and acting.

Tobey is not just an actor but a superstar. His career in acting has provided him the fame and a name beyond reach. His dedication and commitment that he has put in, got him to where he is today.


His acting career began in the year 1989, wherein he plays a small role in “The Wizard.” Toby had no lines in this movie. He continued to play roles during the year 1990 until 2002. He also starred in the television series Great Scott, where he played a major role. However, this TV series was canceled in 5 weeks.

Tobey did lots of try-outs and auditions, where he met Leonardo DiCaprio, that time Leonardo was also trying his luck in the movie industry. Soon, the two became good pals and helped each other out. Toby used to party hard and experienced alcohol addiction, but soon sought assistance for alcoholism issue from Alcoholics Anonymous.

Tobey plays the lead role in the blockbuster movie Spider Man. This allows him to showcase and the talents that reward him. He received lots of praises and good reviews, and in just a short while, he became a star. Tobey also worked as a voice artist for the Spider Man video game. Tobey was nominated as Best Actor for the Oscar Awards for his remarkable act in the 2008 movie Satan’s Alley.

Some of the movies he produced include 25th Hour and Whatever We Do.  In 2012, Tobey co-produced the film, Good Producer. In the same year, Tobey put up his own production company named Material Pictures.

Personal Life and Relationships

Born as Tobias Vincent Maguire, he is the son of Wendy, a secretary who became a film producer and screenwriter and Vincent Maguire, who worked as a cook and construction worker. Tobey has 4 half brothers, 2 from either side of the family.

In 2007, he got married to Jennifer Meyer, an American jewelry designer.

Favorite Quotes of Tobey Maguire

‘’If I wanted to go be social I would. I don’t have any fear of that. I don’t feel like I’m a shy person at all.’’

‘’I might have some character traits that some might see as innocence or naive. That’s because I discovered peace and happiness in my soul. And with this knowledge, I also see the beauty of human life.’’

‘’I think the greatest way to learn is to learn by someone’s example.’’

What are the highest grossing movies of Tobey Maguire?

1. Spider-Man 3 : $890.9 million

2. Spider-Man: $821.7 million

3. Spider-Man 2: $783.8 million

4. The Great Gatsby: $353.6 million

5. Seabiscuit: $148.3 million

(these are world-wide box office results)