Sylvia Earle Net Worth and Biography

Sylvia Alice Earle is an American oceanographer, deep-sea researcher and author.

She used to be an explorer at National residence and she later started three companies that build submersibles. Sylvia Alice’s net worth of all her endeavors combined would be around $8 million.

Net Worth: $8 million
Birth Date:
August 30, 1935
Gibbstown, USA
Oceanographer / Author
Last Updated:
August 2019
Sylvia Earle Net Worth

Sylvia Earle Net Worth

Sylvia Earle has a total net worth of $8 million.
Her wealth has been acquired through multiple endeavors:

  • She was Chief Scientist of the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
  • Since 1998, she was “explorer-in-residence” at National Geographic (and led more than 100 expeditions)
  • Currently holds the female depth record for solo diving in a mini-submarine.
  • Started three companies that build submersibles.
  • Sits on the boards of various companies and foundations and is chairman of the Google Earth Ocean Advisory Committee.
  • She wrote several books as an author about the ocean (books like ”The World Is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean’s Are One”).

Biography and Early Life

Sylvia Earle is famous for being an Oceanographer. Sylvia Earle will reach the age of 84 years old in August 2019. She earned a bachelor of science degree from Florida State University in 1955 and later earned a master of science and doctorate of philosophy degree from Duke University. She also got 19 honorary degrees there.

She tied the Deep Rover depth record set by Graham Hawkes, who she married. She founded the Deep Ocean Exploration and Research, which her daughter Elizabeth took over.

Later in life, Dr. Earle has written several books. Some of these books were children’s books on coral reefs and underwater fauna. She has given lectures in more than 80 countries, and she wants to educate the global population about the importance of the oceans. One of these lectures was a TED talk in 2009. You can watch her presentation here: My Wish: Protect the Ocean.

Quotes of Sylvia Earl

”We’re destroying the ancient systems in the oceans as if they will constantly renew, and now we know they don’t. The transition has been gradual and become more intense because our destruction has become more widespread and obvious.”

”I tell people I come from a different planet, because I do. The world that I knew as a child doesn’t exist anymore. The planet I knew is gone…The bad news is there, but the good news is we’ve got the knowledge, we can see what the future will bring if we keep doing stupid things.”

”We’ve only seen about 5% of the ocean as a whole. We’re just getting started as far as ocean exploration is concerned. It’s our life-support system, and we’re just beginning to understand how it functions and really why it matters to everyone everywhere.”