Sidney Crosby Net Worth and Biography

Sidney Crosby is a Canadian ice hockey player. He made his debut in the NHL in 2005 as a player of Pittsburgh Penguins. He is seen as one of the greatest talents of his generation. Because of that, he has a net worth of $55 million.

Crosby has a couple of nicknames. He is called ”Sid the Kid” and also ”The Next One. This is based on his fellow countryman Wayne Gretzky who is called ”The Great One”.

Net Worth: $55 million
Birth Date:
August 7, 1987
Halifax, Canada
Ice Hockey Player
Last Updated:
February 2020
Sidney Crosby Net Worth

As of 2020, Sidney Crosby’s net worth is $55 Million dollars. Crosby is currently playing his 15th year in the NHL.

Because he’s one of the best players in the NHL, he has a very lucrative contract with his team the Pittsburgh Penguins. His current yearly salary is 8.7 million dollars. He’s also born in the year 87 and this clearly reflects his salary.

Biography of Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby was born on the 8th of August 1987 in the town of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Interesting is that he plays with shirt number 87. This represents both his year of birth as well as his current salary. 

He’s also famous because of a tumble dryer. When he was young, he used this dryer to practice his shots in his parents basement. This dryer is now in a museum and is nicely dented. The dryer can be seen in the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame located in Halifax, the town where he was born. A commercial was also made about this.

Sidney Crosby Career

Between 2003 and 2005, Crosby played with the L’Océanic de Rimouski junior team in the QMJHL (short for Quebec Major Junior Hockey League). In the 2005 NHL Entry Draft, he was first selected by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

On October 5, 2005, when he was only 18 years old, he made his debut at the highest level in the NHL. His first game was a duel against the New Jersey Devils. 

He played his first playoffs in 2007. Sadly, the Penguins lost to the Ottawa Senators in the first round. The following year the Penguins reached the Stanley Cup final, but lost the final against the Detroit Red Wings.

In 2009, Crosby won the Stanley Cup with the Penguins by beating the same Red Wings. This made Crosby the youngest captain ever to win the Cup. In 2016, Crosby won the Stanley Cup for the second time and a third time in 2017. The Pittsburgh Penguins have won the Stanley Cup 5 times in their history, and the last 3 times this was with Crosby on the team.


Sidney Crosby will definitely be remembered as one of the greatest hockey players of all time. He has developed a unique skill over the years. We wouldn’t be surprised if he wins another Stanley Cup Trophy with his team.