Sammy Hagar Net Worth and Biography

Sammy Hagar is an American guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and businessman. He has a net worth in 2019 of $120 million, mostly because of his association with Van Halen.
Net Worth: $120 million
Birth Date:
Oct 13, 1947
Salina, California, USA
Guitarist & Vocalist
Last Updated:
October 2019
Sammy Hagar net worth

Sammy Hagar Net Worth

Sammy Hagar’s success started soon after he released his first album, along with the band named Montrose. This record had impressive commercial success and led to the appearance of a second album shortly after. ‘Paper Money’ was released in collaboration with the Waboritas.

His income is completed by his activity as a solo artist, too. He has several albums, while his debut came in 1976. His most famous records are ‘Sammy Hagar’, ‘Musical Chairs’, ‘Street Machine’, or ‘Standing Hampton’. All his musical activity got him a Grammy Award in 1985 and a nomination for Tony Awards in 1999.

Sammy Hagar’s net worth is mostly due to the millions of copies sold of his albums. His participation in several shows, along with his concerts, added significant value to his fortune, too. He collaborated quite well with a multitude of bands.

Hagar owns a nightclub and restaurant in Mexico. Also, he has a beach bar in Las Vegas, Nevada, and a Bar and Grill in Roseville, California. Moreover, his business ventures don’t stop here, as he invested a lot in a mountain bike store, Sausalito Cyclery. This business is nominated as the number one independent bike shop in California. He sold around 80% of his Cabo Wabo Tequila company for $80 million in 2007. Shortly after, he decided to let go of the other 20% for $15 million.

He owns a house designed by the famous architect Paffard Keatinge-lay, but his overall worth is not released to the public. Besides, he owns several luxurious cars to match his lavish lifestyle, and he prides himself with his Ferrari. Also, he wrote an autobiography, ‘Red: My Uncensored life in rock’, which adds a small income to his fortune. Sammy Hagar is active on social media, especially on his Instagram account and YouTube channel. It is safe to say those are too revenue sources due to the impressive number of followers he has.


Samuel Roy Hagar was born in 1947 in Salinas, California, US. He founded his first band when he was only 14 years old. His passion for music was observed in every action he took.

He kept his personal life entirely private. Sammy Hagar got married in 1968 with Betsy Berardi, and they remained romantically involved up until 1994. They had two children, Aron and Andrew. After their divorce, Hagar met Kari Karte and married her in 1995. Hagar has two daughters with her, Kama and Samantha.

As for legal issues, Sammy Hagar was sued by a former Playboy bunny soon after his autobiography was released to the market. She ferociously claimed she has a child with him, but Hagar wrote in his book that those claims were false, and the lady only aimed to extort him. The ruling, in this case, was that Hagar did not defame the woman, while her claims of paternity had no substantial evidence.