Sam Hyde Net Worth and Biography

Sam Hyde is an American actor and comedian. He is the co-founder of the sketch comedy group named Million Dollar Extreme, along with Charles Carroll and Nick Rochefort. They used to perform in a comedy show called ‘Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace’. Besides this, their former YouTube channel had more than 161,000 subscribers.
Net Worth: $6.5 million
Birth Date:
April 16, 1985
Fall River, Massachusetts, U.S.
Comedian, Writer and Actor
Last Updated:
September 2019
Sam Hyde net worth

What is Sam Hyde Net Worth?

Sam Hyde earned almost all of his wealth by working as a stand-up comedian. He had several shows in the US, especially in locations nearby Massachusetts. Also, a significant source of revenue was the YouTube channel he co-founded, the Million Dollar Extreme, yet the account was suspended and his show never got the chance of a second season. Today, most of Hyde’s income is based on his comedy video. Those are featured on his website, which has a subscription fee of $50 per year.

With several controversies revolving around his public figure, Sam Hyde was the prominent figure of the mass shooting incident that took place in the USA in 2018. People reportedly linked him with the shooting, despite the real suspect’s face being revealed by the police.

Before this incident, Sam Hyde was ranked six in a 2016’s top of comedians. His jokes and comedic skills brought him a net worth of $16.5 million. But his career took a massive blow after he lost his show on Adult Swim, that led Sam to other platforms like Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter.

As of today, he is constantly struggling to regain his popularity. Without a stage or an online platform to boost his popularity, it seems like his actions are somehow not enough. His overall net worth for 2019 is estimated to be around $6.5 million.

Sam Hyde Biography

Samuel Whitcomb Hyde was born in 1985 in Fall River, Massachusetts. Later, he graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor of Arts in film animation and video. Sam was the type of guy who was constantly focused on sketch comedy, anti-comedy, political satire, shock humour, surreal humour, and post-irony.

He was and is a recurrent controversial figure, as he constantly criticizes and pranks distinct situations. In 2014, he started a fake crowdfunding campaign for the design of a pony dating simulator (his followers donated more than $4,000). In 2016, he published a book in collaboration with his friends, Charles Carroll, and Nick Rochefort. The title of the book was ”How to Bomb the IS Gov’t”. As you might have guessed, this book backfired on his career. In 2017 a gunman fired at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs Texas. For a couple of years now, Sam Hyde was the constant concern of authorities and he was suspected for a multitude of gun violence incidents all over the US.