Riff Raff Net Worth and Biography

Riff Raff is an American rapper with a net worth estimated at 6 million dollars. He started rapping back in 2005 and up until today became extremely popular in the United States.

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Net Worth: $6 million
Birth Date:
Jan 29, 1982
Houston, Texas
Last Updated:
October 2019
Riff Raff net worth

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Riff Raff Net Worth

Despite his humble start in the musical career, Riff Raff managed to boost his income early. He started by making homemade CDs and videos and eventually released his creations via YouTube. He started the Neon Nation Corporation Label, which gained him an impressive $4 million joint venture with Stampede Management and BMG.

In 2018, he managed to sign a record deal with a total value of $500,000, and he received as an outrageous signing bonus a gold necklace. We can say for sure that this added significant value to his overall income. Riff Raff indeed has as its primary income source the music sales and concerts. But he benefits from a couple of endorsement contracts that add money to his impressive net worth. Some of the brands that endorse him are Monster Energy Drink, Four Loko Gold beverages, and Myspace TV. Besides, he made several appearances in reality TV shows that added value to his fortune.

When it comes to real estate investments, Riff Raff owns a house in Las Vegas with an estimated worth of 2 million dollars. He named it the Codeine Castle, as it features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a basketball court, and an outdoor pool. Experts believe the land on which the house is, has more than 6,000 square feet.
He invested part of his income in luxurious cars. And he currently owns an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini and a Porsche Panamera 911. Also, he mentioned in an interview that he owns jewelry valued at $500,000.

Biography of Riff Raff

Horst Christian Simco (better known as Riff Raff) was born in 1982 in Houston, Texas. He has four siblings.
Even though he tried to attend Community College, he soon dropped out. He started painting cars for a living in Houston. And at some point, he fancied the idea of becoming a professional rapper. He moved to Los Angeles to follow his dream, and we can say that he succeeded.

As for Riff Raff’s personal life, there were several public disputes during the past years. He faced severe sexual assault allegations and face drug charges, as a woman in Melbourne submitted a police complaint after meeting him. Following this event, another woman offered details about a similar event in which the rapper was involved. But Riff Raff denied all allegations. Back in 2013, he was arrested for drug possession, and shortly after was released without bail.

His tumultuous life reached an exciting twist in 2012 when the film Spring Breakers was released to the public. Riff Raff sued James Franco because he designed a character inspired by his public figure. The claims went up to $10 million.

Even though he dated Lil Debbie briefly, he did not release to the press any recent confirmation of a said relationship. Riff Raff has no children, and he didn’t share recently on his social accounts any info about possible romantic involvement.

Riff Raff: Age, Height & Weight

Riff Raff is 38 years old (as of 2020). His height & weight are both unknown.