Pauly Shore Net Worth and Biography

Pauly Shore is a popular Hollywood actor, writer, comedian, and director. In 2019, he has a net worth of $20 million.

Net Worth: $18 million
Birth Date:
Feb 1, 1968
Hollywood, California
Last Updated:
October 2019
Pauly Shore net worth

Pauly Shore Net Worth

Pauly Shore managed to gain throughout his entire career an impressive fortune. He found his passion at the age of 19, when he performed for the first time as a stand-up comedian. His debut at the Alley Cat Bistro is what made him follow an acting career.

Shore’s mentor was Sam Kinison. They performed together, and Pauly was the alter ego ‘The Weasel’, who spoke in surfers slang. After this first stand-up performance, Pauly Shore participated on air at MTV Vj, from 1989 to 1994. He was so popular on MTV that he managed to receive his show from 1990 to 1995.
When it comes to movie appearances, Pauly Shore made his debut with the hit production ‘Encino Man’. It positioned him as suitable for several promising roles, including productions such as Son in Law, in The Army Now, Jury Duty and Bio-Dome. 

Pauly hosted his tv reality show at the beginning of 1997, but after only five episodes, everything got canceled. At this point, his career experienced a downside, and his net worth dropped significantly. In 2000, he even received a Razzie award for the worst new star of the decade category.
In 2003, he wrote, directed, and participated in his mockumentary named ‘Pauly Shore is Dead’, which got him a lot of public attention. Also, he joined the production of ‘Whiskey Business; in 2012, where he impersonated character Nick Ferelli.

Overall, his acting career added significantly to his fortune. ‘Encino Man’ got him $40,6 million, ‘Son in Law’ $36.4million, ‘A Goofy Movie’ $35.3 million and ‘In the army now’ $28.8 million. Experts say that Pauly Shore earns daily at least $9,000, which is quite outstanding if you take the time to consider other comedian’s revenues.

Shore receives his income from multiple sources, but at the same time, he invests a lot in several assets, including real estate. He owns a 4-bedroom mansion in Los Angeles, which is rented for around $27,500 per month. Also, he is the owner of another Hollywood Hills house, that features a large swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a home cinema, a library, and many other fancy facilities. The worth of this property is currently unknown. But if we analyse the real estate value in the surrounding area, it is safe to assume the property is quite valuable.
He invested some money in automobiles, the most notable purchase being a Cadillac vehicle. Besides this, it is believed that Pauly Shore does not indulge in a lavish lifestyle, and he prefers to keep things as simple as possible. There have been rumors that he travels between gigs in an Audi A3. Also, he owns a Range Rover and a couple of other terrain cars.

So, Pauly Shore makes between $5,000 and $8,000 per gig and receives a nice income from his previous participation in several movies and tv shows.


Pauly Montgomery Shore was born in 1968 in Hollywood, California, in the US. He comes from a family of comedians. His mother, Mitzi Shore, was the founder of the Comedy Club in Los Angeles. Soon, after he graduated from Beverly Hills High School, he started performing stand-up acts.

His personal life was well kept from the public eye, but still, several rumors appeared. Some said that Pauly Shore was, in fact, gay, which is why he wasn’t married. But Shore dated several women such as Brandy Alexandre, Deborah Laufer, Kylie Minogue, Midori, Kina Tavarozi, Tiffani Thiessen, and several other public figures.

Recently, Pauly Shore was seen alongside a 26-year-old lady, and rumors say he has been dating her for quite some time. But there is no information available about this mystery woman. Pauly Shore has no children, and he hasn’t been previously married.