Paris Jackson Net Worth and Biography

Paris Jackson net worth and salary: Paris Jackson is an Aerican media personality, but is better known as the daughter of the legendary figure Michael Jackson. She’s the second child (and only daughter) of the late American singer. For that reason Paris Jackson has accumulated huge fame alongside massive fortune, inherited through father’s fame.

Net Worth: $100 million
Birth Date:
Apr 3, 1998
Beverly Hills, California, USA
Media Figures
Last Updated:
September 2019
Paris Jackson Net Worth

Paris Jackson has an estimated net worth of $100 million. Most of her money is coming from the successful career of her father Michael Jackson. A very big portion of Paris’ millions comes from the 2016 sale of her father’s 50% stake in the Sony music publishing company. 

A very lucrative investment for Michael Jackson as he owned the rights to a variety of iconic songs (even some from the Beatles). A couple of years later that stake was bought back by Sony for a whopping $750 million dollars.

Before Michael Jackson’s death, the American model wasn’t that much in the media. She lived a pretty low-key live. Now this has changed a lot. She’s been the main subject of many media talk shows.

Unlike her father, Jackson’s major source of income is modeling, though she is also active as socialite and actress.

Paris Jackson Net Worth: Modeling and Acting

Paris Jackson has the looks to become a successful model. She’s known for her piercing ice blue eyes and beauty. Paris appeared at many red carpets events by herself as a young adult. The last years she got more attention.

In 2017 she signed with IMG Models and also got her first job as an actress on FOX’s Star, produced and directed by Lee Daniels. In 2018 she also appeared in the film Gringo (co-starring Charlize Theron and Joel Edgerton). Even though her salary is not disclosed, it’s safe to say that she earns way more than the average salary of a model or actress (which are $42,000 and $50,000 respectively).

As of September 2019, Paris Jackson has a net worth of $100 million. The core of her massive fortune is the inheritance of the huge net worth of Michael Jackson, who owned around $500 million at the time of death.Surprisingly, all this influx of wealth hasn’t turned her into a snob. 

Paris Jackson Biography

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson was born on April 3, 1998. She is an American model, humanitarian, media personality, socialite and actress. She is the second child and only daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe.

She was born at Spaulding Pain Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills, California. She was named after the French capital city in which she was conceived. She is the middle child and only daughter of singer Michael Jackson and younger child of Debbie Rowe. She has one older brother, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. (“Prince”) and one younger half-brother, Prince Michael Jackson II (“Blanket”). 

Jackson was raised solely by her father, who received full custody rights following his divorce in 1999. Rowe stated that she agreed and it was her intention that Michael Jackson has full custody of the children.

Personal Life

There has been a lot of gossip who Paris Jackson is dating. In 2018 she has had an encounter with Cara Delevingne. She is currently dating musician boyfriend Gabriel Glenn.

Although she is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, she had a bad self image while growing up. Did you know her father made her wear masks in public when she was younger in an effort to shield her from the press? She didn’t think that she could do anything right and her life wasn’t worth living. Because of this, she attempted suicide a number of times. Her family later sent her to a therapeutic boarding school in Utah. It’s definitely what Paris needed and now she’s much happier who she is.