Neon Hitch Net Worth and Biography

Neon Hitch is an English singer and songwriter, with a net worth of $2 million. Her music genre is mainly electropop and electronic rock. She has been active in the musical world since 2007.

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Net Worth: $2 million
Birth Date: May 25, 1986
Birthplace: Kingston upon Thames, England
Profession: Singer
Last Updated: May 2020
Neon Hitch Net Worth

Neon Hitch Net Worth

Neon Hitch has a net worth of $2 million.


Neon Hitch was born on May 25, 1986in Kingston upon Thames, England. At a young age, she moved to the countryside of Nottingham. Hitch resented her parents for her birth name, Neon, and later wanted to change it to something more conventional.

Her father was a lighting technician. Her mother Irene Gardiner bought a caravan after their house burned down and they were forced to move again. She grew up in a gypsy community.

She never attended school, but instead, she began street performing. She would also make and sell jewelry and clothing all around Europe. At the young age of four, Hitch was traveling and performing with the Archaos circus. By the time she was in her teens, Hitch was trained as a trapeze artist, fire swinger, and stilt walker and had performed across Europe.

At the age of ten, she developed an interest in writing. This eventually led her to write her own music lyrics. Her boyfriend saw her singing talent and encouraged her to go all-in on her singing. She and her family were featured in a BBC documentary about families that live in caravans.

At the age of sixteen, Hitch moved to India for a few years before resettling in London to start her music career.

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Conclusion on Neon Hitch Net Worth

Neon hitch currently has a comfortable net worth of 2 million dollars. She is still active in the music scene. She has had a bit of a rough childhood, but in the end, she managed to build out a successful career as a pop singer.