Nathan Jones Net Worth 2020 and Biography

Nathan Jones is an Australian actor, powerlifter and professional wrestler. who has a net worth of $3 million. As an actor he has starred in many movies, where he usually has a supporting role. He’s a great Australian actor, that usually plays in action or adventure movies.

Net Worth: $3 million
Birth Date:
August 21, 1969
Gold Coast, Australia
Current Age:
20 years old
Last Updated:
June 2019
Nathan Jones

How did he make his millions?

He made his 3 million dollar with wrestling and acting. These are the 2 main occupations how he earned his money.

He won awards with Pro Wrestling Illustrated, World Wrestling All-Stars and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He’s a great actor, but might even be a better wrestler.

Movies Starring Nathan Jones

Troy, Never Back Down: No Surrender, Fearless, The Condemned, Asterix at the Olympic games, Muay Thai Giant, Conan the Barbarian, Charlie’s Farm and Mad Max: Fury Road are just some of the films he has acted in.

Here’s one of my favorite scene of this actor. It’s a clip of the movie Troy, where he’s fighting with Achilles (played by Brad Pitt).

Wrestling Career

His wrestling career is also very impressive. Jones won first place at the World Strongman Challenge in 1996, the World Strength Championship in 1995, and Australia’s Strongest Man in 1995. As a wrestler Jones was the WWA World Heavyweight Champion for World Wrestling All-Stars and competed in World Wrestling Entertainment where he was aligned with The Undertaker.