Michael Blakey Net Worth and Biography

Michael Blakey is a British record producer, musician, song writer, and manager. He was quite successful in designing and producing a multitude of music videos, along with tv content. His net worth is estimated at 60 million dollars.

Net Worth: $60 million
Birth Date:
December 8, 1958
London, England
Record producer, musician, song writer
Last Updated:
September 2019
Michael Blakey net worth

What is Michael Blakey’s net worth?

Michael Blakey started his career in 1977 at Hansa Studios, being one of their residence producers. He enlisted in several activities that brought him multiple awards a significant increase in his wealth. And this effort can be observed easily in his 2019’s net worth of $60 million. Blakey had a vast influence on how the music industry evolved.

Indeed, almost all details about Blakey’s fortune are not shared with the public, it is more than clear that his wealth is constantly growing. Mostly, his revenues come from his work as a producer and promoter. He has been part of musical talents shows and concerts worldwide. At the same time, he supported and guided stars like Glen Campbell, Ron White, Waylon Jennings, 2Pac, and Bob Carlisle. And from all these collaborations he received a couple of gold and platinum records.

Working with Hansa studios shaped his career, as while his colleagues were studying in school, Blakey, at the age of 19, was constantly working and bettering his skills in the music industry. Hansa Studios got him access to world-famous stars like Boney M or Julio Iglesias, which he repeatedly admitted influenced his perception of the industry. He advanced and learned quite fast until he started producing songs for important European Artistes.
Michael Blakely could play drums quite well and led to him joining a band in 1993. 

The Tidal Force revealed his abilities as both a band drummer and composer, yet his expertise remained important in the production area.

Between 1994 and 2000 he strived to put the basis of his 2 music production companies, that ultimately worked as a statement of his skills and leadership talents in the music industry. A notable creation was ‘Dreams Come True’, the soundtrack for Disney’s Cinderella II. But his company was highly regarded for the 2KSounds, as it was the first successful brands that managed to advertise music with the aid of the internet. Blakely had a vision and could see that the future will be all about the internet. These record companies brought for sure a lot of revenue that contributed to his wealth, especially since he partnered with Virgin Records where he served as president.

Nowadays, he is the acting president at Electra Star Management. This is the place where Blakey offered a lot of his time and attention. His collaborations during the past years involved stars like 2Pac, Glen Campbell, Bob Carlisle or Ron White. All of which won either gold or platinum records, which we can safely assume are a statement of Michael Blakey’s talents.

Another significant achievement of Blakey was the design of a software tech for Forensic Frequency Separation. This allows audio extractions of vocal performances to use those in a contemporary recording format. This is what led to the appearance of Patsy Cline ‘Duets’ album.

During his entire career, Michael Blakey wasn’t fond of sharing details about his personal life. This is the main reason why details about his fortune are not disclosed to the public. Moreover, due to his passion for cars and sports boats, we can safely assume that part of his fortune is invested in such items. And real estate properties are quite significant, too, when it comes to determining Michael Blakey’s net worth. In 2008 he sold his Beverly Hills property with 1.7 million dollars, which was quite low considering its original price of $ 4,695,00. But additional data about his other properties were not made available for the public.

Michael Blakey invested a lot of his revenue in a collection of luxurious watches (brands such as Rolex and Breguet). These expensive watches come with a price tag between $25,000 and $35,000. He even shared a video on his YouTube channel while buying $150,000 worth of watches!

Yet to make a more accurate idea about his fortune we mention the following facts. The Motor magazine reported in 1987 that Blakey and important British investors, purchased Maserati UK Ltd, a prolific automotive company. It was later sold to the Chrysler Corporations, which might have contributed to his wealth. Also, in 2006 he became co-owner of the ‘fleet growth’ of Pylon International. This is a private jet charter company in California, that was also sold shortly after purchase.

Due to his commitment to work and his passion for producing artists, he started the overly popular YouTube channel ”Producer Michael”. The channel has reached more than 666,000 subscribers. These figures are constantly growing. We can only guess this adds significant revenue to Blakey’s fortune.

Michael Blakey Biography

Michael Blakey was born in 1958 in London, England. Since a young age, he was constantly interested in music and production, which is why when he reached the age of 19, his sole purpose was to design his career. This determination might be inherited from his mother, who was an important Olympic swimmer.

Besides all the professional accomplishments, Blakely shared with his public few information about his personal life. He is indeed licensed to drive race cars, while he even has a license for flying specific aircraft or race offshore power boards.

He got married in 2008 with his long-time girlfriend, Sasha Blakey. Due to his permanent need for privacy, they held the ceremony in Nice, France. Shortly after, in 2009, their daughter was born.