Max Cavalera: Net Worth and Biography

Are you wondering how rich and wealthy Max Cavalera is? Well, you are in the right place as this article will review Max Cavalera’s net worth, including his biography and career. Max Cavalera is a renowned metal singer and a native of Brazil. Right now, he lives in Belo Horizonte.

Net Worth: $29 million
Birth Date:
August 4, 1969
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Music Band:
Soulfly (Frontman)
Last Updated:
July 2019
Max Cavalera

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Max Cavalera Net Worth and Earnings

This famous Brazilian has a net worth of about $29 million. Max Cavalera and his band Soulfly are not only popular in Brazil but all over the worlds. A big part of his earnings comes from being a metal singer. Max is the frontman of Soulfly, a popular groove metal band. In the past he performed with bands like Sepultura.

Biography, Career, and Awards

His real name is Massimiliano Antonio Cavalera. Max was born on the 4th of August in the year 1969. He grew up in Belo Horizonte. Aside from being a vocalist of Sepultura from 1984 up to 1997, he also plays the guitar. He left the band due to a misunderstanding with his co-members, most particularly with Andreas Kisser, the members didn’t want his partner to keep on handling the band. After that meeting, Max and other band members chose to leave Sepultura. This is also the end of their connection to the Cavalera brothers.
In ten years, Igo and Max didn’t talk to each other nor did play together. After leaving the band, Max created a groove metal band in 1997 and named it Soulfly. In the same year, he also joined the industrial project called Nailbomb, sad to say, and this project didn’t last long.

Personal Life

Max has an inclination in political as well as in religious issues, most often with a decisive tone. American press called Max as a religious person and which he completely and totally disgust and extremely dislikes politicians, even if he doesn’t share this info. A moment ago, Max and Igor ( his brother) had been acquiescent. Many times, the comeback of Sepulture band has been presented to the public and stays the hot topic in the music industry for quite sometimes. However, nothing has been definite and established. Max former band members and himself as well disagree with this news and called it a piece of fake news. At the start of the year 1990, Max decided to transfer to Phoenix Arizona along with his wife, Gloria. At this point in time, Max is happy living with his family, and from time to time, he appears on some TV shows as a guest. The achievements of Max are indeed a fruit of hard work. He is considered one of the highest paid singer in the USA so far along with Jon Bon Jovi, and other lead singers.