Emily Fernandez Net Worth and Biography

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Emily Fernandez is a famous reality show star known under the nickname Right Cheek. Her overall net worth for 2019 is estimated to be around 400 thousand dollars.

Net Worth: $400,000
Birth Date:
June 22, 1992
Pennsylvania, United States
Last Updated:
October 2019
Emily Fernandez Net Worth

Emily Fernandez Net Worth

Emily Fernandez is an inspiration and a role model for everyone on the globe that suffers from dwarfism. She initially gained her income as a dancer, while her appearance in rapper’s Lil Chuckee video put her into the spotlight.

At the beginning of her career, Emily joined the cast of Little Women – Atlanta. Her talent and ability to perform a high standard throughout the reality show is what gained her today’s outstanding net worth. She continued to work with the producers of this show and switched to Little – Women Dallas when she relocated her family. 

Moreover, another source of income for Fernandez is her participation in Conversations with Other Women. Her fan database is outstanding, and everyone praises her talent and personality. Thus, her social media accounts contribute to her revenue, yet those details are not of public record. But if we consider the pool of followers on both her Instagram and YouTube channels, it is safe to assume she receives substantial revenue.

When it comes to real estate investments or vehicle ownership, no data about owned cars s available for the public. Instead, her home in Dallas is estimated to be quite an investment. The overall price for the property is not public.

Biography of Emily Fernandez

Emily Fernandez was born in Pennsylvania, United States. She had a difficult start in life, as her biological parents gave her to adoption as soon as her dwarfism got diagnosed. But Emily was quickly adopted by a dwarf couple, and they got her an extremely warm welcome. Unfortunately, her adoptive mother died when Emily was only 16 years old.

From an early age, she worked as a club promoter and dancer, as she always strived to help her adoptive family to share her appreciation. Besides this, Fernandez’s personal life was full of events. She has a daughter named Eva and two sons named Karter and Zayne. Sadly, she had another baby boy, JJ, who passed away soon after his birth.

JJ was the son of Emily and Lontell JJ Johnson, a controversial figure in the famous people world. He has been charged due to multiple felonies and criminal charges, including theft and physical assault. Before Emily Fernandez’s relationship to Leontell, there have been no official relationships displayed by the star.

Emily Fernandez: Age, Height & Weight

 Emily Fernandez is 27 years old (as in 2019). Her height & weight are both unknown. Dress & shoe size will be added soon.