Deepika Padukone Net Worth and Biography

Deepika Padukone Net Worth: Deepika Padukone is an a former model and Indian actress who has a net worth of $25 million. Deepika Padukone has played in dozen of roles in major Hindi and Tamil movies, as well as Kannada movies. 

Net Worth: $25 million
Birth Date:
Jan 5, 1986
Copenhagen, Demark
Last Updated:
October 2019
Deepika Padukone net worth

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Deepika Padukone is a beautiful and talented actress. Besides being an actress, she is also a producer and philantropist. She is very respected in India because of this.

Deepika Padukone Net Worth

Deepika Padukone has a net worth of $25 million. Her main income is from being a successful actress in India. Besides that, she also earns very well doing endorsements for different brands. She is an ambassador for various brands, such as Nescafe and Yamaha. She also was an ambassador for clothing company Levi Strauss.

It’s also known that Deepika is investing in the stock market. Her major breakthrough came when she played in the blockbuster film Om shanti Om (2007) together with co-star Shahrukh Khan.

In 2016, Forbes released a list of the world’s highest paid actresses, Deepika Padukone is also on that list. The highest paid actress of 2016 was Jennifer Lawrence. That said, Deepika Padukone is still the highets paid Bollywood actress today.

Deepika Padukone Biography

Deepika Padukone was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on January 5, 1986. She is an Indian film actress and model. She mainly acts in Bollywood films and has already won several prizes.

Padukone is a daughter of the Indian badminton player Prakash Padukone and travel agent Ujjala Padukone. She was born when her father was training in Denmark. Deepika also played badminton at a fairly high level wen she was in high school. In the end, she decided not to go further with this. 

Instead, she focused on a career as a model. She has one several awards as a professional model. She was named ”model of the year” during the fifth Kingfisher Fashion Awards. Shortly thereafter she was chosen as one of the models for the Kingfisher Swimwear calendar in 2006. It doesn’t stop there. She also won two Idea Zee Fashion awards. 

During the fifth Kingfisher Fashion Awards she was named ‘model of the year’ and shortly thereafter she was chosen as one of the models for the Kingfisher Swimwear calendar for 2006. She also won two Idea Zee Fashion Awards. In the following years she was a model for various Indian brands, ranging from toothpaste and lemonade to jewelery. Her international breakthrough came when she became the new face of cosmetics brand Maybelline.