Chloe Lukasiak Net Worth and Biography

Chloe Lukasiak is an American actress and dancer, who has a net worth of 6 million dollars at only 18 years old. Her main revenue source comes from her dancing activities, yet the participation on the tv show Dance Moms contributed to her overall net worth.

Net Worth: $6 million
Birth Date:
May 25, 2001
Churchill PA, United States
Actress, Dancer
Last Updated:
September 2019
Chloe Lukasiak Net Worth

What is Chloe Lukasiak Net Worth?

Chloe Lukasiak is one of those teenagers that managed to make a name of her own with hard work and dedication. In 2019 her net worth was estimated to be over $6 million, which is quite impressive considering she is at the beginning of her career. The principal source of revenue for her was the Dance Moms show. But her YouTube channels and brand endorsements played an important role in her wealth, too. Also, several stage shows and world tours are adding constantly to her total revenue and salary.

She gained her popularity, along with the public warm welcoming, by appearing on the lifetime tv series Dance Moms between 2011 and 2014. This appearance on tv next to her mom, paved her path towards the constant success in her favourite dance styles, including Lyrical, ballet and musical theatre. The participation in the show is what constantly grew her net worth, but since 2014 she added a new revenue source to her portfolio.

Chloe Lukasiak’s YouTube channel got the attention of more than 850,000 subscribers, along with more than 90 million views for her everyday videos. Also in 2014, she was signed by Studio 19 and partnered with their team. This led to her winning various awards, including the Choice Dancer at the Teen Choice Awards. This increased both her popularity and net worth.

She is viewed as a well-appraised fashion model, being signed for the presentation of several fashion lines, like Sally Miler, 90 Degrees By Reflex or Glitzy Girl. Besides, OK! Magazine or Dance Spirit Magazine featured her on their top pages, adding to her net worth a significant value.
Besides all this, she remains a professional dancer, which is why we can admire her in videos for songs like ‘It’s like Summer’ by LUX or ‘Fool me Once’ by Jess Godwin.

Chloe Lukasiak Biography

Chloe Lukasiak was born in 2001 in Churchill PA, United States. Right now, Chloe is living in LA, California. She started her dancing career at the age of 2 and she constantly challenged her skills by competing in dance competitions between the age of 4 and 13. She has a younger sister named Clara.

When it comes to Chloe Lukasiak’s personal life, she appears to be reserved. Besides the information related to her dating the singer Ricky Garcia, there is little to no information about her. It appears she only shares public relevant information about her skills and passions. Besides acting, dancing, and modelling, she is constantly active across social media networks, where she has a a lot of followers and subscribers. Her Instagram account has over 6 million followers. You can follow her at @chloelukasiak.

Her most notable achievement is the anti-bullying campaign insightfully named #NobodyisYOU. Chloe Lukasiak constantly underlines in her interviews and YouTube videos the importance of believing in yourself and doing what you love.