Carl Cox Net Worth and Biography

Even though the name Carl Cox is not as popular as you might think, he is one of the top well-paid DJs of the moment. He is a British DJ and music producer with an overall net worth in 2020 of around $16 million.

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Net Worth: $16 million
Birth Date: July 29, 1962
Birthplace: Oldham, England
Profession: DJ
Last Updated: July 2020

Carl Cox Net Worth

Net Worth

Carl Cox has as its primary revenue source his DJ profession. And he was consistently ranked as one of the most talented and well-paid DJs in Forbes and several other publications. But besides spinning tunes, Cox is known on the globe thanks to his car collection. He owns several racing cars and bikes, and you can continuously see him during contests. Hence, his $16 million net worth is partly invested in these luxurious assets. Carl Cox owns a 69 Ford Capri drag car, modified and tuned to overcome the power of any newer race cars. He owns a 66 Pontiac GTO, several Mustangs, a 65 Chevy Impala, a Nomad, and a 32 Ford hiboy.


Carl Cox is a British techno and house DJ and producer. He started this career when he was 15. Cox used to work as a mobile DJ, and he managed to get his popularity as the founders of the specific sound of the British rave scene. And besides this, he became one of the only DJs who use a three-deck mixing approach. He is one of the most contracted DJ for locations such as Eclipse, Heaven, Sir Henry’s, or The Hacienda.

When it comes to his personal life, there is little to no information about Carl Cox. Indeed, it is a common fact that he had several romantic encounters, but there are no public details concerning his marital status, divorce, or children.


Because he was involved in producing music from an early age, he managed to achieve a unique style. Hence, Carl Cox’s debut single, `I want you forever` managed to rank 23rd in British charts. The following singles were also successful. But what made him famous were the underground techno sounds. These were used for the first time in his all-time famous mix `FACT: Future Alliance of Communications and Technology`, which sold more than 250.000 copies. And besides this success, Cox put the basis of his record label, Intec Records. His net worth and wealth were notably increased when his first studio album was released to the market. The `At the End of the Cliché` compilation was an international success.

Carl Cox is one of the most popular DJs at Ibiza, as he joined for 14 consecutive years at the event. His career is vast, and he even owns a radio show named Global. It has more than 17 million weekly listeners from any corner of the world, which says a lot about Cox. This disc jockey and record producers are both talented and well-skilled in this industry. Cox won 20 awards and has 71 nominations. Some of the most prestigious awards received by Carl Cox include Best International DJ, Best Techno DJ, and Best Ibiza Night DJ.