BJ Penn Net Worth and Biography

BJ Penn is an American mixed martial artist, actor, author and coach. He has several years of experience as one of the most professional MMA fighters on the globe. All this gave him a total net worth of $22 million.

Net Worth: $22 million
Birth Date:
Dec 13, 1978
Kailua, Hawaii
MMA Fighter
Last Updated:
October 2019
BJ Penn net worth

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BJ Penn Net Worth

BJ Penn gained most of his revenue as a mixed martial artist and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert. He earned his place as the best fighter in history, as well as the most efficient Lightweight combatant in MMA history. Moreover, he is the earliest American to win a Gold Medal at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship. Penn participated in Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight and Middleweight sections, all of which got him numerous titles. Also, he is the second amongst only five fighters in UFC’s history to have titles in several classes.

He invested part of his revenue in a couple of real estate properties. Penn currently owns a house in Hawaii but is overall value is not available for the public. Also, additional information about any assets Penn bought are hidden from the public eye.

Fighters Only Magazine added BJ Penn in the top five of the 100 Greatest Fighters in History because of his achievements. Other sources of income for Penn might the two books he co-authored: ‘Mixed Martial Arts -The Book of Knowledge’ and ‘Why I Fight: The Belt Is Just an Accessory’.


Jay Dee BJ Penn III was born in 1978 in Kailua, Hawaii, United States. His nickname is the short version of his childhood nickname ‘Baby Jay’. He has three siblings, Jay Dee Pen, Jay Dee Penn II, and Reagan. Penn attended Hilo High School where he discovered his passion for professional fighting.

At 17 years old, BJ Penn started his path in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the recommendation of his neighbor, Tom Callous. Because it seemed hard to find a trainer for him, Callous ended up training both BJ Penn and one of his brothers, all the knowledge he had about Jiu-Jitsu. Soon after this, BJ switched residences and moved to San Jose, California. Here he trained with Dave Camarillo at the Ralph Gracie BJJ Academy. It was the moment when BJ Penn decided that the best thing for him will be a career in martial arts.

BJ Penn is not married, but he had a close romantic involvement with Shealen Uaiwa. They both have two daughters, but their relationship was not as happy as everyone assumed. Uaiwa asked for a restraining order against Penn, claiming he abused her for several years, both physically and physically. The request is active since early 2019. As for today, there is no information about Penn’s other romantic relationships.

He has other assault and domestic violence charges. In 2015, Penn got arrested in Hawaii and charged with assault, but the charged eventually dropped. In 2019, he provoked a public scene in a strip club because he drank too much alcohol. It got him a couple of nights at the precinct and added another black spot on his criminal record.