Bert Kreischer Net Worth and Biography

Bert Kreischer is an American stand-up entertainer, actor, and reality show host. He has as its nickname ‘The Machine’, as he prides himself as being quite distinct from other comedians. In 2019, he achieved an impressive net worth of 3 million dollars.
Net Worth: $3 million
Birth Date:
Nov 3, 1973
Tampa Florida
Actor and Comedian
Last Updated:
October 2019
Bert Kreischer net worth

Bert Kreischer Net Worth

Bert Kreisher has a total net worth of $3 million. Most of Bert Kreischer’s income comes from his comic career. Also, he earns by portraying characters in movies and hosting tv shows. He even gained significant income from his book’s sales.

In 1997, a journalist from Rolling Stone Magazine participated at a party in Kreischer’s campus. Bert Kreischer caught his attention, and he was later mentioned in a newspaper article as the ‘number one partier in the nation’. So, this article in the magazine is what determined him to pursue a career as a comedian.

Bert Kreischer consistently admitted publicly that he never considered or viewed himself as a comedian. In addition, he opinionated that this doesn’t make him happy, and he struggles to make the best of it.
He received a place in a stand-up comedy club in Boston back in 1998. It was a great source of revenue for Kreischer. Also, he was approached by Overbrook Entertainment, and they offered him a role as a host for their tv show series. Soon after, Bert Kreischer became the host of ‘The X-Show’, where he performed a small gig named ‘Hurt Bert’.

Kreischer’s first acting job was in a TV show named ‘Life with David J’. He appeared on Tv alongside Peter Jacobson and Elliott Goud. Bert Kreischer benefited greatly from this gig, and he soon received other contracts. These include a part in ‘Never Mind the Buzz’, ‘Shorties Watching Shorties’, or the drama ‘The Shield’.
The pitch of Kreischer’s career was the moment he received a permanent role in a comedy show broadcasted on Comedy Central. It got him a place on the DVD ‘National Lampoon Live: New Faces’ in 2004, which added an excellent revenue to his overall income. Soon after, he reappeared on Comedy Central in ‘Comfortable Dumb’ and ‘The Machine’.

In 2014, Kreischer published a book, ‘Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child’. It gained a lot of attention and popularity, which is why Kreischer used it as an opportunity to create a weekly podcast called ‘Bertcast’.

Between 2012 and 2015, he hosted the show ‘Trip Flip’. With this production on Travel Channel, he offered a free trip to random places as he pleased. Also, he collaborated with ‘Netflix is a joke’, the official humor account of Netflix’s. Kreischer designs exclusive content for them and manages to create hilarious situations. He mostly appears shirtless and makes jokes about his personal life.

So, Bert Kreischer’s fortune comes from several activities. He has an official web site from where fans can buy books, CDs, mugs, posters, or shirts. The average price for an item is $20. Besides, he has a couple of endorsement contracts that boost his income. Moreover, it is believed that Kreischer receives from his Instagram account around $1,500 per post, while he can make annually up to $57k.

He invested part of his revenue in real estate, automobiles, and charity work. Kreischer lives in a mansion worth $5 million, while he previously was a resident of a Staten House property worth $3.1 million. There is little to no information about his exact car collection, but he was seen driving a Harley Davidson valued at $21,000.


Bert Kreischer was born in 1972 in Tampa, Florida, USA. He attended a private school and finished his studies at Florida State University. He has a diploma in English, and he was an active member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, which got him the attention of the Rolling Stones Magazine.

Bert Kreischer married his long-time girlfriend, LeAnn, who is also an actress. She became quite popular recently due to her response towards her husband’s hilarious jokes about their personal life on Netflix. LeeAnn Kreischer started the weekly Podcast ‘Wife of the Party’. She invites dear friends to talk about their lives, and she even makes jokes about her husband as payback. Overall, Bert and LeeAnn are a happily married couple that support each other throughout the years.

The two got married in 2003, and there have never been rumors of issues in their marriage. They have two teenager daughters, Georgia and Ila. They are a hilarious couple, as they named their daughter Georgia as a homage to their mother’s home state. And don’t think Kreischer doesn’t make jokes about them, too. This family’s dynamic is one of a kind, so the little ones are mentioned, too, in their dad’s jokes. Also, LeeAnn added them to her podcast to counteract Kreischer’s approach. The result was a funny family joke worth of a comedian life.

Both LeeAnn and Kreischer are always involved in charity work. They work so well as a couple that they manage to reach almost any goal. They created a fundraiser on Facebook for St. Jude Children’s Hospital with the occasion of LeeAnn’s birthday. Both promoted the fundraiser in their podcasts and shows, and it appears the donations do well.

Even though Bert Kreischer is touring the world quite often, he tries to spend as much time as possible with his family. Mostly, he puts his family first, so if there is a gig that keeps them apart for too long, he refuses it. Also, he thinks that a part of his popularity comes from his haters. Kreischer thanks his haters in all his podcasts for boosting his revenues. He says it is a dream come true for anyone that was bullied during high school. Simply put: Bert Kreischer is a different comedian that acts as a role model for those that do not fit in social norms.