Alex Da Kid Net Worth and Biography

Alex Da Kid, the British producer, wasn’t as famous as you might expect. But as soon as he started dating Halle Berry, he reached the front page of the tabloids. It is believed that in 2020 Alex Da Kid as an estimated net worth of around 8.6 million dollars.

Net Worth: $8.6 million
Birth Date: August 7, 1982
Birthplace: Bristol, England
Profession: Record producer, songwriter
Last Updated: March 2021

Alex Da Kid Net Worth

Net Worth

Alex Da Kid is a record producer, executive, and songwriter. He managed to gather a significant fortune due to the collaborations he had with important artists. Some of the hit singles that boosted his revenues include `I need a Doctor` with Dr. Dre, `Massive Attack` with Nicki Minaj, `Love the Way You Lie` with Eminem and `Radioactive` with Imagine Dragons. He is a hit-making producer, which is why he owns several assets. He has a couple of sports cars, along with a property in Los Angeles. Still, additional information about his income and fortune are kept from the public eye. But we do know he is the owner of KIDinaKORNER Records, which has reported a revenue increase since it was first founded. Most of the records signed and produced by Alex Da Kid experienced immediate global success. Hence, there were millions of copies sold for each song composed by him, which we can quickly notice it boosted his wealth and revenue.


Alex Da Kid was born under the name Alexander Junior Grant. He is from Wood Green, London, England, and he was a professional footballer. At 19, he discovered that digital music and editing software, such as FruityLoops, could turn out to be rather interesting. Thus, he decided to join the University of West London and pursue a master’s degree in Audio Technology/ Advanced Music Technology.


Alex Da Kid is a hip hop and pop music producer with an exciting portfolio. The discography production is rather vast, making him one of the most wanted British producers of our time. His main collaborations and projects were signed with Skylar Grey, Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors, 50 Cent, Eminem, Tinie Tempah, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, The Edge, and Bono. Da Kid received several nominations and awards thanks to the commitment he has to his work. He was nominated for a Grammy Record of the Year award for the song `Radioactive` from Imagine Dragons, along with a Grammy Best Rap Song for `I need a doctor`. Also, in 2011 he was nominated for a Grammy Song of the Year with `Love the way you lie` by Eminem and Skylar Grey. And besides this, he was nominated in 2016 for an HMMA Award for the Best Original Song thanks to the movie Suicide Squad. He is the only producer and writer in history with two diamond singles. Also, he has more than 110 million units sold.