Action Bronson Net Worth and Biography

Action Bronson is an internationally famous American rapper. His net worth in 2019 is $10 million, with income sources from both his musical career and other business ventures.
Net Worth: $10 million
Birth Date:
Dec 2, 1983
Queens, New York City
Rapper & Chef
Last Updated:
October 2019
Action Bronson net worth

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Action Bronson Net Worth

Action Bronson started his music career from an early age. He signed contracts with Goliath Artists, known for their collaborations with stars such as Eminem, Alchemist, or Blink 182. Bronson was featured in Elimination Chamber and Daily New Tracks. Also, Action Bronson got the attention of Warner Bros with which signed a contract, too.

Bronson was nominated for two BET Awards, a Rookie of the Year award, and Best Mixtape for Blue Chips 2 Award. Moreover, because of his talent and high record sales, Bronson appeared on XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class of rappers.

Still, Bronson is not passionate only about rapping. He enjoys cooking, and he makes videos and produces the ‘F*ck that’s delicious’ tv show. With this show, all his fans got the chance to see the other side of the talented rapper. And, of course, these appearances added significantly to his fortune.

Besides being a musician, Bronson works as a chef, which also is an additional source of income for him. More and more fans follow him during his reality show ventures while he is contacted continuously on social media for tips in regards to cooking. He has more than 1 million fans on Instagram, which is part of his net worth.
Action Bronson invested a lot of his income in real estate and automobiles deals. He owns several BMW vehicles. Anyhow, the exact car collection data of Bronson is not revealed to the public. When it comes to real estate, he still lives in the same modest neighborhood in Queens.

Bronson wrote and published a cookbook with his personal recipes. Also, he sells several personalized objects related to his music.

Biography Action Bronson

Action Bronson was born in 1983, under the birth name Ariyan Arslani. There is little information about his personal life, as he keeps it entirely private.

Bronson has two children, and he revealed in several interviews that he constantly challenges himself just to be able to offer his kids a better life. His kids, Elijah and Hannah, are quite fond of music and follow their father carefully in his musical adventures.

He never revealed to the public with whom he was romantically involved. Besides sharing the fact that he has two kids, he never confirmed or denied who their mother was. Bronson said in an interviewed that if it where the case to get married, he will share that details with his fans.

His close friends say that Bronson is not all about increasing his fortune. He is continuously involved in charity work, and he even donates part of his revenue to encourage people to do the same. His life approach is all about doing good for others, and it is believed he tries to inspire his children to do the same.